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    Wockhardt Hospitals was incorporated in the year 1991 on August 28. Wockhardt Hospitals are one of the top most specialized consultative care super specialty healthcare networks in India offering a wide range of healthcare services. Wockhardt Hospitals is owned by Wockhardt Pharmaceuticals which is India’s 5th largest Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Company with its spread in over 20 countries across the globe. Wockhardt Hospitals are amongst the leader in providing global-class healthcare services in the most efficient and affordable costs to the patients. Wockhardt Hospitals started with a single unit in India and today they have their presence across India with 9 multi-specialty hospital networks.

    Wockhardt Hospital Network

    South Mumbai

    New Age Wockhardt Hospital is situated at Mumbai Central, in the heart of the city’s business district. This hospital was created with the vision of treating and healing thousands and millions of lives New Age Wockhardt Hospital focuses on critical care and also has a Heart Care Institute in its facility. This hospital is the first fully wireless hospital in Asia, first wireless ECG management system in India, first paperless ICU in Mumbai, and first GPS-enabled ambulance service in Mumbai. The hospital is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, 350 patient beds, first Intelligent ICCA system, highest number of beds in ICU and round-the-clock assistance.

    Vashi (Navi Mumbai)

    Sterling Wockhardt Hospital offers special care in Orthopedics treatment, Joint Replacements, Neurosurgery, Urology, Nephrology, surgical Oncology, Endocrinology, Gynecology, Paediatrics, Critical Care, and Emergency healthcare. Sterling Wockhardt Hospital is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology.

    North Mumbai

    Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospital in North Mumbai offers hi-end clinical care in Cardiology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgery. Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospital is equipped with 9 operation theaters with Laminar Air Flow System to achieve Zero Bacterial Count, ICU on Wheels on call 24×7 & Critical Care Department. Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospital specialties include Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Critical care, Cosmetology, Obstetrics & Gynecology with, Medical and Surgical Oncology. Other key specialties include Minimal access surgery, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Urology, Critical care, Cosmetology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Medical, and Surgical Oncology along with Emergency & Trauma Services. Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospitals is well equipped, ultra-modern operation theaters with Laminar Air Flow System, 350 hospital beds, High-end Cath lab, and Round-the-clock assistance.

    Nagpur (Super-Speciality Hospital)

    Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospital in Nagpur is the first NABH accredited hospital in Central India with two decades of experience in high-end super speciality care. Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospital is awarded as the best super speciality hospital in Nagpur. The hospital is equipped with High-end Cath lab, 4 Operation theaters, 118 beds and In-house diagnostic facilities like CT scan, MRI, EEG, and EMG.

    Nagpur (Heart Hospital)

    Wockhardt Heart Hospital in Nagpur is the pioneer in providing Angiography by the radial method. This hospital is equipped with 50 beds, 2 Cardiothoracic Operation Theatres, Ambulance, DSA, Stent boost and X-ray Dose monitoring (for enhanced image quality), 24 Hour Emergency Heartline, IVUS and FFR facility for accuracy in identification of vessel blockage and Cardiac Catheterization Lab. Wockhardt Heart Hospital full-time expert team of cardiologists and cardio-surgeons.


    N M Virani Wockhardt Hospital, Rajkot offers care in Cardiology, Cardiac surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Joint replacement & Minimal Access Surgery along with other specialties like Urology Nephrology, Medical and surgical Oncology, Endocrinology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Critical care, Emergency Care and Preventive Healthcare. Wockhardt Hospital in Rajkot is a preferred healthcare destination for people who live in adjoining areas like Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Junagadh, and Amreli. The hospital is equipped with 6 Operation Theatres, dedicated Cardiothoracic and Orthopedic Operation Theatres, True Flat Panel Cardiac Catheterization Lab, 24 hours emergency heart line and cardiac ambulance.

    Wockhardt has its spreads in some of the major cities in India. Wockhardt Hospital in India specializes in providing best healthcare services in the most efficient manner at the most affordable costs to the patients from the best surgeons.

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