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Orthopaedic Surgery India offers a wide-spectrum of nonsurgical and surgical treatments for injuries and illnesses affecting the musculoskeletal system. We are a specialist healthcare service provider and leader attracting overseas patients with complex musculoskeletal requirements. Focused on the musculoskeletal system involving the arrangement of ligaments, tendons, joints, muscles and bones protecting the organs and supporting the body, proper orthopedic care is critical to the function of movement. With distributed focus on the hand, hip and the knee, treatments offered by Orthopaedic Surgery India include, pediatrics, sports medicine and trauma care. Specialists associated with us are highly experienced in the latest techniques and procedures which are available for patients virtually suffering from each and every type of orthopedic condition. Orthopedists associated with Orthopaedic Surgery India comprise of a multidisciplinary team which includes orthopedic surgeons, spine surgeons, joint replacement specialists, primary care and sports medicine specialists, physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and advanced practice nurses who all work in tandem for preventing, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitation for a number of orthopedic concerns and conditions.

Orthopaedic Surgery India offers high quality of comprehensive care to international patients seeking access to a wide-spectrum of orthopedic conditions including the following.

Doctors associated with Orthopaedic Surgery India will provide guidance for improving bone health and treatment for fragility fractures commonly associated with osteoporosis. Weakening of bones due to tissue damage and loss of bone mass among older adults puts them at risk for fractures. Appropriate evaluation and treatment of underlying disease in such patients is important in reducing risk of them breaking bones.

This requires an integrated approach for both children and adults with cancerous and noncancerous musculoskeletal tumors including Ewing sarcoma, osteosarcoma and synovial sarcomas. While bone and soft tissue cancers can be initially frightening when they occur, the latest treatments available with Orthopaedic Surgery India can fight the disease, reduce pain and preserve the ability of the patient to walk, work and play at the same time.

This is specifically designed to set new standards of care for osteomyelitis patients. Diagnosing and treating osteomyelitis is a complex procedure requiring high expertise of the doctors. Orthopaedic Surgery India associated experts are equipped to provide comprehensive bone infection care within a single setting.

Providing both nonsurgical and surgical for fractures and broken bones, including non-unions and malunions can be painful. Specialists associated with Orthopaedic Surgery India care for all types of bone fractures affecting children and adults. We specialize in diagnosing and treating a variety of simple and complex fractures including isolated breaks, stress fractures, multiple-fractures, fractures involving joints, open fractures, non-union fractures and malunion fractures.

Orthopedic surgeons associated with Orthopaedic Surgery India are some of the top specialists offering complete range of nonsurgical, open-surgery and minimally invasive procedures for teenagers, young and older adults requiring treatments for fracture, muscle and tendon injury or repair and replacement of the shoulder and elbow joints. Many of these treatment procedures relate to impingement syndrome, rotator cuff injury or tear, SLAP tears, labrum tears, instability, separation or dislocation, shoulder and elbow arthritis, shoulder muscle injury, nerve dysfunction, frozen shoulder, repetitive motion, tendonitis and bursitis of these joints.

Orthopaedic Surgery India provides advanced treatments for conditions involving the hand and the wrist, including complex reconstruction procedures. Healthy hands are quite critical to normal life, including for sporting activities and intricate work. Our surgeons bear expertise in treating a complete range of conditions including brachial plexus, nerve injuries to arm, tumors, fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid and degenerative arthritis, trigger finger, soft tissue inflammation, severed hand or finger, complex traumas, ligament and tendon disruption or laceration, congenital hand anomalies in children, stiff joints, Dupuytren’s contracture, ganglion cyst and complex reconstruction due to complications with prior treatments.

Complete range of hip care provided by Orthopaedic Surgery India includes arthroscopy, hip preservation for young adults, hip resurfacing and the minimally invasive hip replacement surgery alongside rapid recovery for patients with disability, instability and hip pain. Hip preservation treatments for patients under 50 years of age with hip pain include arthroscopy, femoral and acetabular osteotomy, cartilage restoration, hip resurfacing and arthoplasty.

This includes minimally invasive knee replacement, cartilage restoration, ligament reconstruction and arthroscopic care. Knee joint is a complex structure involving convergence of three major bones. It is also the largest and the most common human joint which is prone to injury. Orthopaedic Surgery India offers comprehensive nonsurgical, arthroscopic and joint replacement procedures to patients with knee pain and knee injuries. Our specialists will evaluate the condition and offer best treatment options to patients for most common causes of knee pain including meniscus tear, anterior cruciate ligament tear, sprains, strains, patella problems, torn cartilage, tendonitis and bursitis. Knee treatments and replacements offered by Orthopaedic Surgery India are typically in several cases meant to treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, traumatic injuries, failed joint replacements, deformities and cancer.

Orthopaedic Surgery India provides expert diagnosis and treatment solutions for common to complex foot and ankle injuries and problems. This involves individualized approach towards treatment ranging from straightforward to highly complex procedures which are meant to reduce pain and improve function at the same time. Broad range of foot and ankle concerns treated by Orthopaedic Surgery India include pain, trauma-related injuries, fractures, deformities, arthritic concerns, sports-related conditions, ligament injuries, tendon injuries, degenerative problems and inflammatory conditions.

This line of orthopedic treatment for children includes nonsurgical and surgical care for club feet, benign bone tumors, growth plate disturbances, trauma, birth defects, neuromuscular conditions, hip diseases and spinal disorders. Pediatric orthopedic care offered by Orthopaedic Surgery India includes diagnosis, nonsurgical and surgical treatment for a wide range of ailments affecting children including traumatic injuries, musculoskeletal diseases and skeletal deformities. Other pediatric orthopedic conditions for which treatments are offered include hip dislocation, developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), limb length discrepancies, scoliosis, congenital scoliosis, sports injuries, Perthes disease, slipped capital femoral epiphysis, intoeing, knock knees, bowed legs, Blount’s disease, fractures, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, brachial plexus palsy, cerebral palsy and bone and joint infections.

Nonsurgical, traditional surgery, laser spine surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery is offered by Orthopaedic Surgery India for reducing pain and restoring function of the neck and back bone. Provision of spine care is high in quality and usually performed through the minimally invasive technique wherever possible. Patients can therefore expect appropriate solutions to their back problems which provide maximum improvement and lasting durability for longer periods of time.

These treatment procedures include prevention of injuries along with rehabilitative and comprehensive surgical care for sports related injuries in adolescents and adults. Orthopaedic Surgery India offers state-of-the-art treatments to sportspersons of all ages and skill levels. These procedures are typically meant to help patients return to full ability and level of play following treatment. Since minimally invasive procedures involving arthroscopic techniques allow lesser pain, smaller incisions and faster healing to the patient, they are invariably considered wherever it is possible. We are having a multidisciplinary team of experts including primary care and sports medicine doctors, physical therapists and physiatrists to take care of your sports injuries. Most common problems which are treated by Orthopaedic Surgery India specialists include the following.

Orthopaedic Surgery India Treatment Philosophy

We believe in a patient-centric approach comprising of an informed and decision-sharing process. We provide patients with a complete evaluation report and thorough explanation of symptoms along with recommendation of the most potentially effective treatment option. Orthopaedic Surgery India is committed to understand your problem and subsequently guide you with respect and compassion. We mean to help you in every possible way including choosing the expert surgeon and the most suitable specialty hospital. Other seamless services offered by Orthopaedic Surgery India includes assisting in obtaining medical visas, receiving patients at the airport, arranging local transportation and suitable accommodation options, scheduling appointments with doctors and surgeons for treatment, follow-up evaluation checks, arranging recuperative holidays if desired by the patient and a warm farewell when you fly back home after a successful outcome.

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