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    Shoulder joint dislocation has emerged as one of the most common orthopedic problems. Although shoulder is a strong joint, it may get injured every now and then. For instance, people may injure their shoulders while performing daily self-care activities or playing sports. Popping out of upper arm is the primary indication of a dislocated shoulder. People experiencing intense pain around shoulder joint that restricts arm’s range of motion should meet an experienced orthopedic surgeon at the earliest before it worsens.

     Treatment and Recovery Following a Dislocated Shoulder

    Treatment Options for Shoulder Joint Dislocation

    Physical evaluation is the primary step towards identifying and treating shoulder joint dislocation. Respective orthopedic doctors may ask patients some basic questions to figure out intensity of painful symptoms. They may ask them to rotate their arm in upward and downward direction slowly. If they suspect a serious fracture or injury, they may recommend patients to undergo some tests such as x-ray scan. X-ray test is basically a painless procedure that produces images of underlying shoulder condition. The following list describes some major treatment options for shoulder joint dislocation.


    • Reduction Technique – This is a simple procedure which can be either performed under general anesthesia or after consuming doctor’s prescribed painkillers. General anesthesia keeps the patients asleep during the entire procedure. Whereas, painkillers help patients to stay in a relaxed mode. Doctors will slowly move patient’s affected shoulder until it gets back to the original position. They may order x-rays after completion of procedure for ensuring the accuracy and placement of shoulder.
    • Tear Repairing Surgery – Sometimes, healthy tissues surrounding the shoulders may also get damaged along with dislocation issue. In such cases, a minimally invasive keyhole surgery involving small incisions can prove beneficial. Doctors may insert a thin and sophisticated instrument called as an arthroscope in patient’s shoulder to resolve the issue. This instrument consists of a camera that helps in maintaining good precision throughout the operation.


    Recovering from a Dislocated Shoulder

    It may take 4 to 5 months for patients to completely recover from a dislocated shoulder condition. Patients may use ice packs if they experience swelling around shoulder joints. Orthopedic doctors may advise them to perform gentle exercises and physical therapy in order to boost the healing process. Physical therapy can considerably help in minimizing stiffness, pain, and discomfort around shoulder joint. In addition to this, it will also help in building muscular strength of operated shoulder. Most importantly, patients should regularly visit their doctors for follow-up care sessions.


    Best Benefits of Availing Shoulder Surgery in India

    At present, thousands of patients from different corners of world are visiting India for obtaining medical facilities. Main reason behind the increasing popularity of medical tourism in India is the cost-effectiveness as well as quality of treatments. Immensely talented orthopedic surgeons in India are renowned for providing top-class shoulder surgery for problems such as shoulder joint dislocation. As a matter of fact, success record of shoulder surgery in India is quite high. In addition to this, shoulder surgery cost in India is highly economical. Overseas patients can retain up to 70 % of the expenses which they might have to pay in other developed countries such as Australia or United Kingdom for availing similar procedures. Therefore, international patients can rely on shoulder surgery in India for ensuring positive outcomes.

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