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    Knee replacement surgery as of now is one of the most common solutions which provide dramatic relief to more than 90 percent of patients having problems with the knee joint. A vast majority of knee replacement surgery procedures are employed to treat osteoarthritis. Knee replacement surgery basically relies on a mechanical implant which is utilized to replace severely damaged or arthritic knee joints. TKR or total knee replacement surgery is considered to be one of the most safest & effective orthopedic surgical intervention as a solution to persistent problems with the knee joint. Knee replacement surgery in India is an excellent option for international patients seeking standard quality & affordable treatment options beyond their homeland. Take a look at the best knee replacement surgeons in India:

    Top Knee Replacement Surgeons in India


    Dr. Ameya Velingker

    Dr. Ameya Velingker is the founder of Centre of Excellency ‘Bone & Joint Care’ at Margao in Goa where he actively practices joint replacement surgeries including knee replacement procedures. He is also attached with the Orthopedic & Joint Replacement department of the Apollo Group of Hospitals as a senior consultant. A leading orthopedic surgeon in the country, he has performed more than 200 joint replacement surgeries within a span of four years. Apart from the one-stage bilateral knee replacement surgery, he has also pioneered the large diameter hip replacement (LDH), full flexion knee (RPF) & the surface replacement (ASR) procedures.

    Dr. Anil Raheja

    Dr. Anil Raheja is presently serving as an orthopedic & spine surgeon at the Apollo Spectra Hospital in New Delhi/NCR, the capital city of India. As a practicing arthroplasty & spine surgeon he specializes in knee & hip arthroplasty, minimally invasive spine surgery, complex trauma surgeries & other arthroscopic procedures. He has undergone extensive specialized training in numerous national & international hospital centers while honing his skills. He holds vast experience & has performed more than 18,000 orthopedic procedures over the last 20 years of practice. Presently, Dr. Anil Raheja is heading a team of well trained professionals providing the latest state-of-the-art musculoskeletal care to people from all around the world.

    Dr. Harshvardhan Hegde

    Dr. Harshvardhan Hegde is a reputed orthopedic surgeon with specialization in joint arthroplasty, spinal surgery & trauma. Graduating from Baroda Medical College, he is having 25 years of experience in providing relief to musculoskeletal problems for patients from all around the world. He has completed Advanced Trauma & Life Support training from Norwich & Spine Fellowship from Nuffield Orthopedic Hospital at Oxford in UK. He has also trained as a Sr. Spine Fellow at Klinikum Karlbaad in Germany. Dr. Harshvardhan Hegde is coveted member of the Girdlestone Orthopedic Society, which is a gathering of some of the finest names in orthopedic treatments. He bears an extensive & multifaceted experience in every aspect of orthopedics.

    Dr. I. P. S. Oberoi

    Dr. I.P.S. Oberoi is a well known arthroscopic & joint replacement orthopedic surgeon who is specializing in all arthroscopic & joint replacement procedures including knee replacement surgery. He is a pioneer in primary & revision joint replacement surgeries including the ankle, knee, elbow & shoulder joints. Globally recognized as one of the best doctors for arthroscopy, he is an expert in both knee replacement & hip replacement surgeries. Presently, he is serving as a Director of Orthopedics & Joint Replacement department at the Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon, India. His services at this premier hospital involve performing arthroscopy & joint replacement surgery procedures including knee joint replacements.

    Dr. Mukesh S Laddha

    Dr. Mukesh S Laddha is based in Nagpur city which is located in the central region of India. He is having extensive experience in performing joint replacement & arthroscopic surgery procedures for the past 7 – 8 years. Having undergone training in joint replacement & arthroscopic procedures in countries like Japan, South Korea & UK, he is considered as an expert in performing arthroscopy of knee joint & shoulders including both primary & revision surgery procedures. His specialization includes a wide spectrum of orthopedic procedures like complex primary total knee arthroplasty, simple primary total knee arthroplasty, revision knee arthroplasty, ACL reconstruction, Meniscal repair, Meniscectomy, PLC reconstruction, Patello-femoral instability & chondroplasty surgeries, just to name a few.

    Affordable Knee Replacement Surgery in India

    Knee replacement surgery success rate in India are some of the best & at par with the best available anywhere else in the world. Knee replacement surgery is nowadays being used more often for younger people with osteoarthritis & other degenerative conditions of the knee. Moreover, 85 percent of artificial knees are found to effectively serve for over 20 years. Knee replacement surgery success rates & affordable cost of total knee replacement surgery in India are both driving factors behind the increasing number of international patients seeking low cost orthopedic solutions in this country.








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