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Scoliosis Correction Surgery OSI

Scoliosis correction surgery for adolescents is only recommended in cases where curves are greater than 40 – 45 degrees & is still continuing to progress. Unlike back braces which cannot correct spinal curves that are already present, surgery for correction of spinal curvature can effectively restore by about 50 percent. Moreover, this surgical intervention is also able to prevent further progression of the curvature.

There are many approaches to scoliosis correction surgery, but they all use modern instrumentation systems where screws & hooks are applied to spine in order to anchor long rods. These rods are subsequently used to reduce & hold spine while bone that has been added through surgery will fuse together with existing bones. Once this fusion of bones has taken place & the spine will not move, curvature will also stop further progression. Rods are typically used as temporary splints in order to hold the spine in place during the process of bone fusion takes place, after which it is the bone which holds the spine. Typically, these rods are not removed since it involves a large surgery & is not at all necessary to do so. Only occasionally, in some cases when the rod is found to be irritating soft tissues around spine, the rod can be removed through surgical intervention.

Generally, there are two main approaches to scoliosis correction surgery. Posterior approach to this surgery comes from the back of spine, while the anterior approach from the front of spine. The specific type of approach is usually recommended is based upon the type & location of the curvature.

  • Posterior Surgical Approach

The posterior approach to scoliosis correction surgery is performed through a long incision made on the back of spine. This incision usually goes through the entire length or thoracic spine.

  • Muscles are stripped off the spine in order to allow surgeons access to bony elements in spine after making the incision.
  • Spine is subsequently instrumented with help of screws & rods are effectively used to reduce amount of curvature.
  • Following this bone graft is added as required. This can either come from the patient’s own bone which is usually taken from the hip or from a cadaver bone donor. Eventually, this graft is meant to incite a reaction where the bones in spine at the targeted level will start fusing together.
  • Bones will continue to fuse for months following scoliosis correction surgery. This fusion process normally takes about 3 – 6 months of time to complete & may even continue for about 12 months in some cases.
  • Anterior Surgical Approach

This approach is for scoliosis patients who are having severe deformity and/or for scoliosis patients having a very rigid curve. However, another procedure may be required in this approach prior to scoliosis surgery. Spine Surgeons in India for this reason may recommend anterior release of disc space, which involves removal of disc from the front of spine, & approaching the front of spine either through a thoracoscopic technique or an open incision for releasing the disc space. Following removal of discs at the appropriate levels of spine, bone grafts, either from the patient’s own body or from a cadaver bone donor, is added to disc space so as to allow bones to fuse together.

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