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Parents are bound to have questions & concerns about the child’s health, treatment & recovery when they are diagnosed with knock knees. Knock knees are basically angular deformities at knee level in which the head of the deformity is pointing inwards. A child is said to be having knock knees, when while standing his/her knees touch one another but not the ankles. However, knock knees are at times a stage in normal growth & development during childhood. This common phenomenon is medically known as physiologic valgus.

More about Knock Knees

Knock knees are a normal part of growth & development during early childhood. This condition however, usually becomes apparent when children are between 2 – 3 years of age. This condition may also increase in severity until they are 4 years old in some cases. But then, knock knees self-correct by the time children are about 7 – 8 years old. However, if this condition does not appear until the child is 6 years old or older it could be a warning sign that he/she is having an underlying bone deformity. Knock knees during early childhood in fact help children maintain balance, particularly so when they learn to walk, or when their foot rolls inward or even while turning outward. Both knees generally lean symmetrically inwards among children having knock knees. However, in some cases one knee may ‘knock’ lesser than the other, or may even remain straight at times. Nevertheless, knock knees often correct themselves by the time children are about 7 – 8 years of age. Occasionally, in some children knock knees persist into adolescence as well. Possibility of this condition is also slightly higher among girls, even though boys are also found to develop knock knees.

Cause for Developing Knock Knees

Cause for Developing Knock Knees

  • Knock knees are part of the normal growth & development of a child’s lower extremities.
  • In some cases knock knees may be a sign of underlying bone diseases like rickets or osteomalacia, especially when the child is 6 years old.
  • Obesity can also contribute to developing knock knees, or it can cause problems with walking (gait) which only resemble, but are not knock knees.
  • This condition can also occasionally result from injury to growth areas of tibia (shinbone), but this may usually result in one single knocked knee.

Signs & Symptoms of Knock Knees

When a child of average normal weight is standing & whose knees touch one another but the ankles do not meet is generally considered to be having knock knees. Moreover, an abnormal walking gait can also indicate a sign of this condition.

Knock Knees are Common Condition

In course of developing normal alignment of lower extremities, all children are found to have knock knees to a certain degree for a period of time. Generally, when children are 3 years old, over 20 percent of children have a minimum of 5-centimeter gap between ankles. However, by 7 years of age only 1 percent of children are having this gap.

Are Knock Knees Painful

Most often, only severe cases of knock knees cause pain to children. Whenever there is pain in severe cases, it is usually the anterior or the front portion of the knee which is affected. For a vast majority of children suffering from knock knees, estimated by experts to be as high as 99 percent, this condition normalizes & self-corrects by the time children are 7 – 8 years old. Only a few cases are severe enough to continue & may eventually require surgery for correction.

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