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    Max India Limited was founded in the year 1985. Max hospitals has become a leader in providing world-class quality of healthcare services in North India Region, around Delhi-NCR. The hospital has over 1900 beds and a total staff of around 2100. The hospital is equipped with 525 ICU beds and offers advanced state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology to patients. Max hospital offers a wide range of amenities to patients. Every minute detail from using highly advanced medical equipment to delivering personalized care to patients is taken into consideration at Max hospital. The hospital is dedicated to deliver the patient with the best healthcare facilities.

    Max Hospital Networks

    • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket
    • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Dehradun
    • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj
    • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh
    • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali
    • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Bathinda
    • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali
    • Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital, Saket

    Max Hospital Specialties


    The cardiac specialty department at Max Hospital offers the most advanced and efficient cardiac treatment. This department is well-equipped to handle extensive diagnosis and research for a wide number of cardiac disorders and diseases. The associated cardiac surgeons are highly skilled and qualified and handle hundreds of successful treatments for various complex heart diseases such as heart failure, heart attack, hypertension, diabetes and other heart diseases.


    Max Hospital offers expert diagnosis and rehabilitation to patients suffering from bone and joint disorders. The department of Orthopedics specializes in providing the best orthopedic care and solution for joint replacement at the most affordable costs. The orthopedic department is handled by the most expert orthopedic specialists. Spinal fractures, arthritis, intervertebral disc disorders, spondylitis, osteoporosis, /paralysis, chronic back pain are efficiently treated at Max Hospital.


    The Nephrology department at Max Healthcare hospitals is equipped with the latest and advanced medical and surgical technology to treat various nephrological disorders. The surgeons perform excellent and efficient dialysis as well as advanced nephrology procedures. This department of Nephrology is managed by the most experienced and well-trained nephrologists and kidney specialists in the country.


    The IVF departments at Max Hospital is managed by highly-experienced fertility specialists. The department performs successful infertility treatments. IVF departments is equipped with high-tech equipment, to manage assisted fertilization procedures, assisted hatching, optical spindle as well as surgical sperm retrieval procedures.

    Gastroenterology and Endoscopy

    The Gastroenterology and Endoscopy department at Max Healthcare hospitals is equipped with the most latest and advanced equipment for diagnosing and treating a large number of disorders and diseases related to stomach, large and small intestine and the duodenum, such as inflammatory bowel diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, esophageal cancer, peptic ulcer and colon cancer.

    ENT (Ear Nose Throat)

    The ENT department at Max Healthcare hospitals offers a wide range of innovative treatment methods for treating adenoids, tinnitus, nasal airway obstruction problems, tonsillitis and eardrum perforation by the best and most experienced ENT specialists in India.

    Other Specialties offered by Max Hospitals in India

    • Oncology (Cancer Care).
    • Gastroenterology & Endoscopy.
    • Eye Care.
    • Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences.
    • Endocrinology & Diabetes.
    • General Surgery.
    • Cardiac Sciences.
    • Minimal Access, Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery.
    • Dental Care.
    • Podiatry.
    • Dermatology.
    • Internal Medicine.
    • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation.
    • Nephrology.
    • Audiology & Speech Therapy.
    • Paediatrics.
    • Neurosciences.
    • Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery.
    • Pulmonology.
    • Nutrition & Dietetics.
    • Obstetrics & Gynaecology.
    • Urology.
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