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    Total joint replacement surgeries and hip replacement surgery cost involve procedures replacing ends of both bones in a damaged joint so as to create new joint surfaces. Total hip replacement surgery uses ceramic, metallic or plastic parts in order replace ball at the upper end of the femur (thighbone) & for resurfacing the hip socket in the pelvic bone. Total hip replacement surgery, in fact, replaces the damaged portion of cartilage with the new joint material in a systematic process. Moreover, some orthopedists perform the hip replacement surgery procedure through smaller incisions & which is known as the minimally invasive surgery. However, minimally invasive total hip replacement surgery is not done often since it requires high training & practice by the orthopedic surgeon. Hip replacement surgery nowadays is a popular procedure which is extensively performed around the world. Since hip replacement surgery procedures across the world largely vary according to cost & quality, we’ll try to see how it fairs in different global medical tourism destinations. 

    Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India

    Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India

    Hip replacement surgery cost in India varies in line with the type of implant, orthopedic surgeon, healthcare service provider & the city where you wish to undergo this procedure. Featuring a large pool of globally reputed orthopedic surgeons, many of whom are some of the best in their specialty, India is an excellent opportunity for international patients to save on costs & gain on quality at the same time. Moreover, there is an extensive network of accredited specialty & multispecialty hospital facilities spanning the length & breadth of the country providing a wide variety of complex orthopedic surgeries including the most competitive total hip replacement surgeries. Why pay $55,124 for total hip replacement surgery when you can get one for $10,500 without having to compromise on quality.

    Hip Replacement Surgery Cost Comparison

    Hip Replacement Surgery Procedures in Thailand

    Total Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure in Thailand

    Desperate patients around the world are looking towards Asian countries like India & Thailand to undergo hip & knee replacement surgeries rather than languishing on State elective surgery waiting lists within their own countries. These people are now deciding to go overseas to avoid having to suffer in pain in their homeland. With inquiries soaring over the past few years, hip replacement surgery cost in Thailand is around $14,000 compared to $30,000 in Australia. Moving over to Thailand for a hip replacement surgery procedure is although a cheaper option, but wait, until you hear about what you can expect in India. 

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    Hip Replacement Surgery Procedures in Mexico

    Total Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure in Mexico

    Mexico offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services for international patients. High quality & low-cost medical procedures are performed for the benefit of overseas patients. Hospitals in Mexico are featuring state-of-the-art advanced diagnostic & treatment equipment which enable doctors accurately diagnose injuries & disease in order to perform complex surgical procedures. However, undergoing hip replacement surgery in Mexico is one of the most demanding decisions depending on which part of the globe the patient comes from. Premier hip replacement surgery in Mexico delivers good orthopedic care with focused detail on educating the patient as well. Nevertheless, a typical total hip replacement surgery in Mexico, including the cost for surgery & hospitalization within a clean, modern & convenient healthcare facility would cost $12,000, when a comparatively similar quality of procedure in an equally good hospital facility in India would cost much less. 

    Hip Replacement Surgery Procedures in the United Kingdom

    Total Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure in the UK

    This is an indication of the cost of hip replacement procedure in a private hospital in the United Kingdom, according to the prices published by several major providers of private healthcare. This mean average was taken out of 160 national private hospitals distributed across the country providing total hip replacement surgery procedures.

    Hip Replacement Surgery Procedures in the United States

    Total Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure in the USA

    The average cost of total hip replacement surgery studied in 64 markets was found to be around $55,124 with the same episode of care including surgery, hospitalization & rehabilitation. However, there is a large difference in hip replacement surgery costs across states & where New York ranks for the highest. Employers & public at large in the United States are pushing for more information about actual healthcare costs since these studies do not disclose specific hospitals & surgeon’s practice prices. Moreover, these studies indicate the need for more transparency for patients to shop for healthcare services. 

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    Avail Affordable Hip Replacement Surgery with Orthopaedic Surgery India

    Hip replacement surgery cost in India is most competitive when compared to similar procedures which are available anywhere else in the world. Orthopaedic Surgery India is a reputed one-stop specialty healthcare tourism company which is flourishing under the globally recognized Travcure Medical Tourism. Associated with top orthopedic surgeons & the best accredited multispecialty healthcare institutions, seamless services offered by Orthopaedic Surgery India are most competitive & will cover every detail of your total hip replacement surgery medical journey in order to provide you a completely hassle-free health travel experience.

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