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Ans. Also known as healthcare tourism, medical tourism involves traveling to other countries for undergoing medical treatments. With development of global travel and communication facilities, people travel far and wide in search of medical expertise and healthcare counseling. Apart from the quality of treatments, another aspect which makes medical tourism alluring is the large difference in costs where patients can save almost 40 to 80 percent expenses by undergoing medical procedures abroad. Moreover, health travel to India is also able to help international patients overcome long waiting queues which they normally face in other developed countries.

Ans. Specialty medical tourism, like the one you would take with Orthopaedic Surgery India, involves seeking treatments for a certain branch of medicine. Orthopaedic Surgery India specializes in all types of treatments, including surgery, for a wide-spectrum of musculoskeletal problems.

Ans. Yes, medical treatments in other countries are entirely safe and as good as receiving treatments at home. While costs and demands from healthcare have been constantly rising with the developed Western countries, there are other healthcare havens like India who have been preparing to fulfill expectations of international patients. Eventually, success of the medical tourism industry depends upon satisfaction of the patient. Safety therefore is a top priority for both, the doctor and the hospital facility which is used by the patient.

Ans. Yes. Orthopaedic Surgery India will be glad to arrange online consultation for a patient with the operating surgeon in India in order to ensure that all your questions are properly addressed before you undertake the healthcare journey. As part of your overall treatment package, Orthopaedic Surgery India would like to be totally comfortable with the decision to come to India for your medical requirements.

Ans. While cost is always an important factor to be considered when seeking medical treatment, the quality of treatment along with the surgeon and the hospital facility is also important. Orthopaedic Surgery India will assist you in finding the best doctor and the ideal hospital for undergoing treatment and which will also be cost effective in comparison with prices at other healthcare destinations.

Ans. No, it is not true. Indian medical standards are comparable with international standards. The main reason for low cost of medical treatments in India is duly encouraged by the conversion rates of the currency and low cost of operating in the country.

Ans. Low cost of medical procedures in India, including orthopedic treatments, is because of the following reasons. • Lower cost of medical education • Extensive network of paramedical and medical colleges • Lesser cost for infrastructure • Healthy competition within private hospitals • Rules and regulation in cost of healthcare in India are governed by laws • No tax on healthcare which avoid monopolistic approaches • Minimum insurance cost for practicing doctors • Private sector hospitals in India keep overall costs affordable as government hospitals offer free treatments

Ans. Your plans for travel will entirely depend upon the orthopedic surgery which you choose to undergo. There are numerous procedures which are less invasive and may allow you to fly back home in a short span of time. Orthopaedic Surgery India will make you aware of the required time for recuperation when you select the treatment procedure and the destination for undergoing treatment.

Ans. Yes, you and your accomplice will require Medical Visas to come to India for treatment. This visa is given to you for a period of 1 year at the start and which may subsequently be extended to 2 years in case you are requiring prolonged treatments. Medical visa to India for international patients is available to citizens of all countries. Moreover, Orthopaedic Surgery India will provide all assistance to patients regarding guidance, paperwork and documentation which is required for obtaining medical visas. Please talk to our desk before you apply for a medical visa, and we will take you through all the necessary steps.

Ans. All patients are required to make 10 percent advance payment of the treatment cost to Orthopaedic Surgery India in order to book your orthopedic surgery. 90 percent of the balance cost is to be paid on arrival at the hospital before undergoing any diagnostic tests and/or treatment procedures. The final bill of the entire treatment cost will be given to you prior to discharge from the hospital. Along with this, you will have to clear the travel and accommodation charges as per rules and regulations of Orthopaedic Surgery India.

Ans. Hospital facilities associated with Orthopaedic Surgery India have invested millions of dollars and would therefore not like to have any adverse effect or negative publicity which will harm their reputation. Therefore, these hospitals take extra care in order to make sure each and every patient remains satisfied and is happy with the results of treatment. However, any type of surgical intervention, including orthopedic treatments, entail risks at the same time and therefore fruitful results cannot be taken for granted.

Ans. International patients traveling to other countries for medical treatments should be prepared for extended stays in case the consulting doctor thinks is right for them. Moreover, each patient has a unique pace of healing. Additionally, Orthopaedic Surgery India also provides post-operative consultation over e-mails and through telephonic conversations.

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