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Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Surgical intervention should always be the last resort, especially when it comes to treating spinal conditions in back & neck areas. Moreover, this should only be considered when various non-operative treatments including physical therapy & medications have failed to yield positive results over a 5 – 12 month period. This is more important when patients are seeking solutions for specific conditions like degenerative scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, sciatica & spinal stenosis. Decision to undergo endoscopic spine surgery must also be individualized to the patient & his/her symptoms along with the level of function.

endoscopic-spineField of endoscopic spine surgery is expanding by the day. Most surgeries nowadays can be effectively treated with some aspect of minimally invasive technique. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions which essentially require the traditional open incision like tumors, high-degree of scoliosis & some infections. However, best option for surgical intervention should be individualized to the diagnosis of patient & his/her overall health condition.

Integration of newer technologies which assist endoscopic spine surgery requires radiological procedures which are needed to be tailored to fit every operation. This may often involve fresh scanning.

Endoscopic spine surgery generally decreases hospital stay by at least 50 percent. Typically, after an endoscopic discectomy surgery, the patients go back home the same day. For various other types of endoscopic lumbar fusion surgery, patients are usually allowed to return home after 2 – 3 days where with the traditional open incision they would have had to stay for a minimum of 5 – 7 days. Moreover, the immediate post operative time following the endoscopic minimally invasive procedure is marked by much less pain.

Decision to get back to work following endoscopic spine surgery is usually individualized to the patient & depending upon the type of patient’s occupation. Patients performing sedentary jobs like office work following endoscopic discectomy will allow them to begin part-time within 1 – 2 weeks of time. For larger endoscopic surgeries like fusion may take 4 – 6 weeks of time. Once again, returning to work is also much faster by using endoscopic surgery as compared to the standard open surgery. However, decision for application of the best technique is individualized to specific requirement of each patient.

Recovery time following each endoscopic spine surgery will be different depending upon the type of procedure. Moreover, while few patients comfortably return to full activity within 6 weeks of time, other patients may take longer. However, doctors usually encourage all patients to safely participate in physical therapy programs in order to begin the process of returning to normal activities. Physical therapy is a very important component of a process to rapid recovery. Physical therapy is usually started 2 – 6 weeks following surgery & which depends upon the type of surgery performed on the patient & his/her overall health condition.

Although many patients are provided with braces following endoscopic spine surgery, this is generally only for the purpose of comfort. Use of endoscopic techniques typically preserve muscle function & allow specialized implants which act as internal brace. This may often allow the patient to avoid having to wear an external brace. However, most endoscopic spine surgery patients find that wearing a brace in fact improves their pain for about 1 – 2 weeks of time, after which it is only occasionally worn.

Presently, India is a leading global medical tourism destination providing a wide spectrum of affordable orthopedic solutions including endoscopic spine surgery to international patients. Orthopaedic Surgery India is a specialty healthcare company offering a wide spectrum of treatments & surgeries including minimally invasive endoscopic procedures for a wide variety of spinal problems.

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