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    Bone & Joint Care Centre, Goa

    Bone & Joint Care Centre is a pioneering in providing the best Orthopedic Treatment in Goa. The center offers the latest orthopedic treatments and surgical advanced techniques to patient’s at the most affordable costs. Bone & Joint Care Centre has some of the best orthopedic surgeons that are trained from the top centers worldwide. Orthopedic surgeons at Bone & Joint Care Centre perform all the surgeries with the latest cutting edge technology and equipment. The center offers advanced equipment such as image intensifier, operating microscope, computer navigation system and top of the line arthroscopy system, operating rooms, recovery areas and advanced physical therapy.

    Dr. Ameya Velingker is one of the eminent joint replacement surgeons at Bone & Joint Care Centre. Dr. Ameya Velingker is the youngest joint replacement surgeon in the country. The center is an association with Apollo Victor Hospital, for the first time in Goa.

    Bone & Joint Care Centre in Goa has the highest standards of sterility in an operating room as Infection is the major drawback of Joint Replacement Surgery. The center has a high quality of Laminar Airflow with the Space-suit along with the strict aseptic conditions in the operating room that almost eliminates the noxious complication of this surgery. Bone & Joint Care Centre is the first to introduce the Provision Zero G surgical space suit in Goa. The surgical suit reduces the risk of infection in Joint replacement surgeries. The space suits bars the surgeons and his team’s contact with the OT environment and as a result almost eliminates the chance of infection. The space suit covers the surgeon from head to toes and the surgeon can visually operate by a glass screen fitted to the space-suit with a high-quality laminar airflow, air purifying system which purifies the air in many cycles in a minute. Bone & joint care center has the highest international standards in infection control. The center belief that patients deserve world class medical treatment and service at the most affordable costs.

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