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Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery OSI

Artificial disc replacement surgery basically involves replacing a painful disc in spine with an artificial disc. Artificial disc replacement surgery is usually performed on the cervical spine (neck) or on the lumbar spine (lower back). Artificial discs are typically designed so as to mimic the form & function of a natural disc in spine. Natural cervical disc is an amazing piece of mechanical structure from the perspective of engineering. It features an inbuilt ability to absorb large compressive loads while providing an impressive range of motion between bones located in the neck region. Trying to duplicate this natural disc in form & function with a synthetic, artificial disc is a challenging task. Nevertheless, many artificial cervical discs have been designed & are available as surgical option for patients suffering from symptomatic cervical disc problems.

Artificial cervical discs are devices which are meant to be inserted in-between two vertebrae within the neck region in order to replace damaged discs. Intent of this artificial disc is to preserve motion at disc space. This is an effective alternative to commonly performed ACDF surgery (anterior cervical discectomy & fusion), which is in fact a surgical intervention which is designed to address pathology by eliminating motion at diseased or damaged disc levels.

Artificial Disk ReplacementArtificial Disc Replacement procedure is also known as ADR Surgery or Total Disc Replacement or TDR Surgery or Total Disc Arthroplasty. This surgical intervention is typically performed for patients with cervical disc herniation which is causing significant pain in the neck and/or arm pain which has failed to respond to nonsurgical treatments. Moreover, this is significantly affecting the quality of life of the patient & his/her ability to function.

Indications for cervical disc replacement surgery are quite similar to that of cervical discectomy & fusion surgery (ACDF). Patients hoping to undergo this procedure must have a symptomatic cervical disc which is causing some degree of neck pain and/or arm weakness, arm pain or numbness in arm. Symptoms may either be due to bone spurs (osteophytes) and/or herniated discs, which are compressing adjacent nerves or the spinal cord. This condition is most often found to occur at particular cervical spine levels like C4 – C5, C5 – C6 or C6 – C7. Good candidates will have to meet the following defined criteria before being considered for cervical disc replacement surgery.

  • Significant pain and/or neck pain along with possible neurological symptoms which radiate into arm or arms.
  • A minimum of 4 – 6 weeks of nonsurgical treatments consisting of anti-inflammatory medications, epidural injections and/or physical therapy must have failed to improve symptoms.
  • The patient must typically not have undergone any prior neck surgery in the past.
  • Patient should be having suitable overall health which is safe for anesthesia.
  • Only one or possibly not more than two levels of neck discs may be affected.
  • Absence of all of the following factors is essential for a patient to qualify for artificial disc replacement surgery of the cervical spine.
    • Active Infection
    • Osteoporosis
    • X-Ray of Clinical Evidence of Instability
    • Facet Joint Arthritis in Cervical Spine
    • Allergy to Implant Material

Undergoing artificial disc replacement surgery in India is not just a chance to avail high quality of expert surgical intervention, but it is economically wise as well. This is perhaps one of the primary reasons why people from all around the world in fact look to India when they seek orthopedic solutions to their musculoskeletal problems. Orthopaedic Surgery India is a reputed specialty medical tourism company based in South Asia. Associated with the best accredited multi-specialty hospitals in the country, they are well placed to provide low cost & hassle-free seamless services to international patients seeking affordable healthcare solutions to their bone & joint problems.

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