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    Tendons are spread all over the body and typically connect muscles to bones, including in knees, elbows and shoulders. There are several types of tendonitis affecting people depending upon the area of the body which is affected. Main signs and symptoms of tendonitis include pain in tendon which gets worse with movement, difficulty in moving tendons, grating or crackling sensation on moving tendons, swelling which is accompanied by heat or redness sometimes and formation of lumps along tendons. Damage to tendons is a quite common type of sports injury. Tendon repair surgery is performed as treatment for torn or damaged tendons.


    Common Reasons for Undergoing Tendon Repair Surgery

    Tendon repair surgery is most often performed so as to bring back normalcy to movement at a joint. Joints which are most commonly affected by sports injuries include fingers, elbows, shoulders, ankles and knees. Injuries to tendons are most often caused due to cuts which go past the skin and through to the tendon. Contact sports like rugby, wrestling and football are the most common games causes of sports injuries resulting in damage to tendons. Damage to tendons are also found to occur as an inflammatory process of joints among rheumatoid arthritis patients.


    Tendon Repair Surgery Procedure

    Surgeons performing tendon repair will make one or more incisions in skin over the damaged tendon. After this the torn ends of the tendon are sewed together. During the procedure doctors will also check the surrounding tissue in order to make sure that no other injuries like damage to nerves or blood vessels has occurred. Subsequently, the incision is closed and the surgeon will cover the area with dressings or sterile bandages. The doctor will also splint or immobilize the joint in order to allow the tendon to heal properly. Sometimes the surgeon may also have to perform a tendon graft which is taken from some other part of the patient’s body and which is usually the toe or foot. Tendon transfer in most cases is very useful for restoring extreme function of the joint in question.


    Recovery Following Tendon Repair Surgery

    Tendon repair surgery is normally performed as an outpatient procedure. Even if the patient had to stay at the hospital after the operation, it is usually for a short period of time. Healing time for a tendon can go up to 12 weeks during which the injured area may be required to be supported with a cast or splint. Most often, physical therapy would be necessary in order to safely return proper movement of the joint. Moreover, with some amount of stiffness, movement may gradually return. Some patients may also require additional treatment after surgery in order to minimize scar tissue as excess of it may make it difficult for the patient to move the damaged tendon.


    Excellent Quality of Sports Injuries Treatment in India

    India is a leading medical tourism destination for sportspersons to undergo surgical treatments for sports injuries. Orthopedic surgeons performing sports injuries treatment in India are globally renowned to be some of the best doctors who have initially undergone extensive training and experience for decades in the developed Western countries before returning to their homeland. They are therefore well aware of the emerging trends and requirements of sportspersons. Along with this sports injuries treatment costs in India are also affordable and merely a fraction of what these procedures can cost in other countries.

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