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    Advantages of Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Surgery

    Although hip is a strong joint, hip pain has become a common cause of disability amongst people. When hip pain begins to interfere with normal routine activities and do not go away with physical exercises and medications, then undergoing a hip surgery seems to be a good option. Hip replacement surgery is one of the best orthopedic solutions to treat intense hip pain which has emerged from deterioration of the entire hip joint. This surgery removes and replaces an old hip joint with a new artificial joint. This new joint can efficiently serve the purpose of original hip joint by providing stability and a great range of motion to patient’s hip.

    Advantages of Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Surgery

    During a hip replacement surgery, hip joint can be operated either from the front or from the back end. Anterior approach hip replacement refers to a procedure where surgeons access hip from the front side. The following points convey some major advantages of an anterior approach hip replacement surgery.

    Less Trauma to Muscles – Orthopedic surgeons reach the damaged hip area by making an incision from the front side. It avoids disturbing major muscles present nearby hip joint and helps retain their strength.
    Less Pain – Postoperative pain following this surgery is very less as respective surgeons do not have to cut major muscles to reach specific impaired hip region.
    Reduced Risk of Hip Dislocation – Hip dislocation is the most significant risk associated with hip replacement surgery. However, chances of this complications are very rare in anterior approach because it does not interfere with healthy tissues and muscles around the hip surface.
    Range of Motion – Anterior approach can considerably provide a better stability to hip and a great range of motion. Patients can return to routine life within a short span.
    Short Hospital Stay and Recovery – Patients do not need to stay in the hospital for a long time and recovery time is also very less as compared to posterior approach. However, patients should not forget to follow all recovery guidelines in terms of eating healthy food and performing physical therapy.
    Only a well-versed surgeon can handle such surgical procedures. Therefore, choosing an experienced orthopedic care provider is the most crucial step for achieving positive results following anterior approach hip replacement surgery.

    World-Class Hip Replacement Surgery in India

    India has stood up as the most prominent healthcare tourism facilitators across the world. This country offers a wide range of orthopedic treatments and surgeries including a hip replacement at cost effective prices. In fact, hip replacement surgery cost in India is not even half of the money which other developed countries ask from international patients. In addition to this, the majority of medical care centers in India follow international protocols to provide best outcomes following hip replacement surgery. Therefore, overseas patients seeking highly affordable, as well as quality hip surgery, can confidently opt for hip replacement surgery in India.

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